Thank you very much for a great evening last night, EVERYBODY enjoyed themselves.  The general consensus is that the food was lubly jubly and those that had been before said it was much better!!

Karen thought it was the best prom yet!,

Absolutely fantastic, great staff, great boat full of character.  The captain of the MV Royalty took us gently through choppy waters on a windy day.  We had lovely views of London, thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Kevin Went to the Match in Style,

We had a fantastic time with Absolute Party Cruises, the crew were extremely polite and organised and happy to leave us to have a ball. The boat was beautifully clean, spacious and airy, it was perfect for our private party and we would definitely consider it again.

The Flying Music Company,

We had a fantastic time at our work event and honestly can’t even think of anything but positive feedback to give you and your team. Everyone had a great time and it was as close to perfect as a function ever gets. Thank you!


DHL. We Delivered,